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After 27 years without interruption behind the checkout of the same Burger King, he receives 235,000 dollars from Internet users moved by his story

He has become, despite himself, a model of humility and longevity. Kevin Ford, 57, celebrated his 27-year tenure at Burger King, the fast-food chain, in mid-June. He was hired as a cashier at the Las Vegas airport fast food restaurant in June 1995, and since then he hasn’t missed a day of work, taken a vacation, or a day off. He didn’t get sick either.

And above all, he always remained in the same position. He didn’t rise through the ranks, he didn’t become a team leader or a manager. He never asked or said anything. So, to celebrate his 27 years of uninterrupted work, his managers gave him a surprise bag.

It was this scene that was filmed and posted on TikTok. We see Kevin Ford taking out the little touches one by one, a packet of candy, a reusable glass, a cinema ticket, and two ballpoint pens. He is happy, he is grateful. Except that the scene shocked, revolted even the users of the social network asking: “After 27 years of good and loyal service, probably the record for seniority in this position, do we not deserve much more than that?

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Faced with proposals for help, the daughter of Kevin Ford has therefore opened a kitty. Objective: to allow his father to take a few days to see his grandchildren on the other side of the country. And quickly, the kitty completely blew its goal. In a few hours, it reached 50,000 dollars, then 100,000, 200,000 and this morning, more than 236,000 dollars. Obviously, the TVs came knocking on his door, all the channels told his story. But Kevin Ford remains modest. He explains that he is completely overwhelmed by events, that he never asked for anything and that he just worked tirelessly to pay for his four daughters’ studies.

The journalists insist: 27 years in the same position, in the same restaurant, it’s incredible. “I do not knowhe replies to Today, I never thought about it, you know most people don’t have anything, so I’m just happy to have something.” In the end, Internet users did him justice, a generosity applauded by Burger King, which did not contribute anything to the kitty, despite sales increasing by 14% last year for 1.5 billion dollars. of profits.




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