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After Lyveat, Uber Eats arrives in Foix

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New revolution for Fuxean restoration. After seeing Lyveat land last year, delivery giant Uber Eats arrives Thursday June 23, 2022 in Foix.

The delivery of cooked meals is gaining more and more weight in Foix. While Lyveat celebrated its one year anniversary a few weeks ago, it is now the turn of the delivery giant Uber Eats to set up in the Ariège prefecture.

Already present in Pamiers, the company, launched in 2015, continues to expand in the department and arrives Thursday, June 23, 2022 in the county city. “The delivery service will be available from 11 a.m. this Thursday, June 23,” said Maëlle Chérubin, spokesperson for Uber Eats.

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The success at Pamiers motivated the company

Fancy a pizza, a fast food or even a good little dish from your favorite brasserie, it is now possible in Foix. The choice to come here was motivated by the success in Pamiers, as Maëlle Chérubin says: “Uber Eats works very well in Pamiers. Since 2019, the catering base has grown by 60% and that of couriers by 80%. Foix is ​​a similar market. We also have other markets, such as Toulouse, Carcassonne and Limoux, which are successful and which shows us that the region is rather conducive to delivery”.

Small and medium-sized towns are also the target of the ready meal delivery giant: “It’s true that initially, it was an application that was developed in large cities. From 2019, we set up in small and medium-sized towns and we saw a real appetite for delivery, ”says the spokesperson.

A dozen restaurants to start

From 11 a.m. this Thursday, the Uber Eats delivery service will be officially available for anyone wishing to place an order. If necessarily, all the restaurants in the city will not be available, ten restaurants have responded to the call for delivery.

“We start with ten restaurants. We have both neighborhood restaurants that locals know well and also large restaurant chains (see box for the list of available restaurants),” explains Maëlle Chérubin.

Among the restaurants available for delivery, the choice is very varied. A desire of Uber Eats: “It is an objective to have the most diversified offer possible. We are very happy because in Foix, we have an attractive offer with many different types of cuisine”.

The restaurants available

A dozen restaurants are currently available on Uber Eats. These are Al-Andalus, L’original brasserie, Le Patio, Le Siam, Monsieur Poke, La Pizz, Le Rajput, Hanane délices and McDonald’s.

About 30 minutes per delivery

For this launch, Uber Eats has recruited a dozen delivery people. Their mission will therefore be to bring you your meal as quickly as possible. “The total delivery time will be approximately 30 minutes.”

Deliveries will be available within a perimeter of approximately four kilometers from the restaurant and in addition to the price of the dishes ordered, it will take between 99 cents and 3.49 euros for delivery costs.

Uber Eats is therefore settling in Foix this Thursday, June 23. The company hopes to be able to set up and develop as it has already done in Pamiers.



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