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after Taiwan, US ready to defend Philippines – La Nouvelle Tribune

A few months ago, the United States had shown its support for Taiwan in the dispute between it and China. In fact, Beijing does not hide its intention to conquer the island, which it considers one of its provinces. Joe Bidenhas the US president indicated that his country will intervene militarily if Taiwan was attacked by the Middle Kingdom. Indignant TaiwanUncle Sam will fly to the aid of another country that does not smell of holiness with China: the archipelago Phillipines. In fact, Manila is in territorial dispute with China in the South China Sea. The country lays claim to an area said to be rich in natural resources. He’s not the only one. Taiwanthat Vietnamthat Brunei and Malaysiaare also interested in this area.

“An armed attack on the Armed Forces of the Philippines,…”

The Philippines accused China of blocking a team from its navy near an island in the South China Sea yesterday (Sunday, November 20). It is the coast guards in the Middle Kingdom who are the culprits according to Manila. The US vice president, who visited the Archipelago on Monday, gave his full support to the Philippine authorities. She said her country was ready to support its ally in case of Chinese attacks. “An armed attack on the Armed Forces of the Philippines, ship or aircraft, would result in the United States invoking mutual defense…We stand with you to uphold international standards regarding the South China Sea” said Kamala Harrisin Manila during an interview, with Ferdinand Marcos Jr.the Philippine President, Monday.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for his part praised the good health of relations between the two countries. Kamala Harris’ visit is “a very strong symbol that these relationships are still strong, that these relationships are as important as they really are” he declared. The Philippine No. 1 also thanked the Vice President of the United States for her “very strong commitment” The front “revolution” in this region of the world.



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