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After the sting, the “French bowls” from So’Dipp land in Rouen

The two So’Dipp opened Place Cauchoise and Place du Général de Gaulle in Rouen (Seine Maritime) (© So’Dipp)

You may know the fast food brand So’Foodintroduced to Rouen (Seine Maritime) since 2016, as well as in a few cities in France. Its creators, Hakim and Elyesse are now working on an innovative concept: ” french bowls »under the sign So’Dipp. Two restaurants have opened in Rouen: 14 place Cauchoise and 29 place General de Gaulle.

A first test in 2017

In 2017, when So’Food had been launched for a year, the brand decided to renew itself and added to the menu ” Then Dipper“, a French bowl of North American inspiration, to compose himself and generous. “It was very quickly successful and it represented around 70% of sales after its launch”, specifies Éric, head of development.

With this success, the team set about creating a new identity, under the sign So’Dipp, was eagerly awaited throughout France. “We took the time to come up with something that could be franchised and duplicated, with a real identity.”

First opening in Le Havre, then in Rouen

At the end of August 2022, the first So’Dipp opened its doors The garden35 Court of the Republic. The success is immediate. “We had a lot of people from the first week without communicating about it. »

The openings in Rouen did not last: two other So’Dipp followed, at 14 place Cauchoise and 29 place du General de Gaulle. “It was really important for us to test the concept in Rouen on our historical basis. ” It’s done ! In a pleasant and lively interior, you can try these famous French dishes that are so popular.

An American concept

Today well established in France, the bowls come to us at the bottom of the United States. Some healthier than others, the principle is simple: you can compose them yourself by adding a base, a garnish and a sauce.

Of infinite mixtures are possible, and for the less adventurous you can always test them by tasting one classic or one Signature, already prepared. “You can really give free rein to your creativity and come and eat here every day without ever tasting the same thing. We try to add something new to the menu every quarter. “Count from 6.90 euros the bowl.

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The ingredients used are of high quality, and the portions more than generous. “Honestly, the best way to talk about it is to taste it! »

Open all day, the place does too “ dessert bar by offering cheesecakes, bubble tea or even donuts.

Followed by thousands of people on the networks, the group is in high demand to expand beyond the Seine Maritime. “We have inquiries from customers and investors all over France, but we are getting there little by little and trying to do things right. “For food lovers from Rouen, go to Place Cauchoise or Place du Général De Gaulle!

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