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AG2R La Mondiale wants to turn its IS into a platform for tomorrow’s insurance


Pascal Martinez, member of the group’s management committee responsible for information systems and digital: We are launching a platformization program that will cover three main areas.

The social protection group AG2R La Mondiale announced in a press release a comprehensive plan to transform its information systems in order to develop tomorrow’s insurance services.

AdvertisingThe AG2R La Mondiale group is one of the leading French social security groups with more than 15 million policyholders covered, to whom it offers health, welfare, pension and dependency insurance services. In a press release published on December 16, the group revealed its ambitions in terms of information systems, which are considered to be an important lever in its strategy aimed at developing tomorrow’s insurance services. As I announced when I joined last May, shifting gears in terms of information systems and digital technology will be one of the main priorities of our 23-25 ​​business plan, says Bruno Angles, who joined the group in May 2021 as deputy . Chief Executive Officer before being appointed Chief Executive Officer of AG2R La Mondiale in May 2022. Our ambition is to build the technological foundation that will enable the group to develop tomorrow’s insurance services and have the best IT and digital systems in the sector ,” continues the CEO. The board approved this first three-year plan, which, according to our colleagues at Argus de l’Assurance, was to be followed by a second plan with a digital roadmap spanning six years in total.

Two main priorities underpin this transformation of information systems: improving and simplifying the customer experience and its employee counterpart to facilitate the work of nearly 15,000 employees. To do this, the group aims in particular to simplify the subscription process, strengthen its knowledge of customers to better support them and offer them true omnichannel interactions. AG2R La Mondiale also wants to rethink customer spaces so that they can perform a wide range of procedures independently, but also harmonize and bring together back office systems to industrialize contract management. To meet this challenge, we are launching a platformization program that will cover three main areas: implementation of industrialized and shared business and IS factories, with distribution systems open to all our distributors and for a wide range of products; the redesign of the front-to-back customer experience to reduce processing times, industrialize and automate processes and finally optimization of data utilization to get a 360 degree overview of our customers, explains Pascal Martinez, member of the group management committee responsible for information systems and digital. The latter, who joined the group in May 2022, was previously DSI in the Cova group.

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