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[AGIR] Israel: this Franco-Palestinian lawyer is unjustly detained

On March 10, 2022, the Franco-Palestinian lawyer Salah Hamouri was placed in administrative detention, without charges or trial. On June 5, 2022, his detention was extended for three months by an Israeli military court. The mobilization continues: together, let’s demand his immediate release!

If you think you have to be convicted to end up in prison, this story will convince you otherwise.

This story is that of Salah Hamouri, a lawyer who works for the NGO for the defense of Palestinian political prisoners Addameer. Since March 2022, he has been arbitrarily detained by the Israeli authorities. He does not know what he is accused of, nor when and if he will be released.

How to support Salah Hamouri in 5 min?

To understand Salah Hamouri’s situation, you have to know that the authorities have been harassing him for more than twenty years. His first arrest, he experienced it at just 16 years old! Today, at 37, he has already been arrested six times and spent years in detention without any evidence.

What is the risk of Salah Hamouri?

He risks remaining in prison but also being expelled from his city, East Jerusalem. The Israeli authorities have already taken steps to revoke his residency status. He also risks being forced to stop his human rights activities for fear of reprisals.

How to support Salah Hamouri in 5 min?

It is his peaceful work of denunciation and awareness that is targeted here. The Israeli authorities are trying to silence any dissenting voices that speak out against their discriminatory policy.

The Palestinian people deprived of their fundamental rights and freedoms

Salah Hamouri’s detention is part of a broader repressive context. A system of oppression and domination that the Israeli authorities have created to stifle the demands of the Palestinian people. This system has a name: apartheid. After a long research work of four years, we documented it in a report published in February 2022.

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In particular, we demonstrate how laws and policies have been put in place to discriminate against Palestinian men and women on all levels: economic, political, social, cultural…

Today, we fight for the release of Salah Hamouri, but we also strongly denounce the apartheid system against the Palestinian people as a whole.



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