Ain. For his lawyer, “Quesada will have to break his silence”

Since his discreet release from Bourg-en-Bresse prison in March 2021, Christian Quesada was no longer talked about. Complete radio silence for a man once in the spotlight. Social networks and some television shows were responsible for filling the void.

Then, he re-emerged in the news on September 27, when the Free lunch revealed that he had just been arrested. His lawyer speaks for the first time on the subject, for Progress.

We read and we hear that Christian Quesada was on parole, what about it?

” It’s wrong. He served his entire sentence, without ever asking for any sentence adjustment. But he is subject to socio-judicial follow-up. He must meet a number of obligations, including that of working or taking training. This is the only obligation he failed to meet. This is the reason for his return to prison. The judge enforced part of the sentence. »

Why do not…

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