Alex Ursulet’s lawyers satisfied, the Martiniquais continues to practice –

The Paris Court of Appeal will condition its decision in the case concerning the striking off of the Martinican lawyer Alex Ursulet on the verdict of his criminal trial for rape.

He will continue to exercise until the verdict of his trial. The Paris Court of Appeal conditioned its decision on the striking off of Alex Ursulet on the verdict of his criminal trial for rape, the date of which has not yet been set.

At the end of 2021, the famous Martinican lawyer was indicted in a rape case of which one of his trainees was allegedly the victim. The facts would come up at January 2018. After the indictment of the lawyer, the bar association orders his removal from the Paris bar. Alex Ursuletwho denies the facts, is appealing the decision. The appeal being suspensive, he can continue to practice his profession while waiting for the final decision of the court. A decision deferred topost-trial criminal: the court considers that it cannot assess the relevance of a disciplinary procedure before judging the facts which led to the sanctions.

“The decision of the Disciplinary Board was a real shame for our profession, since it had trampled on, flouted the presumption of innocence. The Court of Appeal has put things in order”, considers master Frédérique Pons, one of Alex’s lawyers Ursulet. That’s what we expected.” she continues, recalling that last January, the prosecution sided with the opinion of the defenders ofUrsulet. It’s a very good decision, but the question should never have arisen, it was so obvious. But an evidence that was swept away by the disciplinary council of the order”, abounds his colleague master mary burguburualso Alex’s lawyer Ursulet.

“The decision of the Disciplinary Board was a social murder, no more and no less”, asserts Frederique Pons. questioned on the accusations of rape which weigh on his client, the lawyer assures that he is “serene” and that he “hope that at the end of the road there will be a total recovery”. The lawyer continues to claim his innocence and has filed a complaint for “slanderous denunciation” against his accuser.

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