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All that changes on December 1, 2022

Who says the beginning of the month, says news! Payment of the extraordinary energy check, Christmas bonus, end of car assistance on the fuel price… takes stock of all that changes from this thursday 1eh December 2022.

Payment of support between €50 and €200 for people who heat with wood

Good news for people who heat with wood: from 22 Decemberyou can apply for one energy tree check. To do this, go to the website and enter your invoice number and your invoice.

Of an amount between 50 and 200 €this financial support is intended for French people who earn:

  • Up to €2,260 for a single person;
  • Up to €4,750 for a couple with two children.

Payment of the extraordinary energy check

From December, a extraordinary energy check will be paid automatically to 12 million French households. The aim: to enable the most modest households to pay their electricity, gas, heating oil and wood bills as well as certain energy renovation works.

The amount of this financial assistance included between €100 and €200 will depend on the household’s resources and composition. E.g :

  • A single person with 2 dependent children and who perceives minimum wage will receive support from €200 ;
  • A couple with 2 dependent children and who perceives €3,000 in income per month will receive support from €100.
This financial support is a supplement to the energy check, which has already been sent to 5.8 million households in 2022.

HLM tenants: apply for assistance up to €600!

From December 12will it also be possible to apply for help up to €600 offered by the association Soli’AL. It is intended for HLM tenants who have financial difficulties withincreased energy costs.

To qualify, three conditions must be met:

  • To be a general tenant ;
  • Have an increase in expenses of more than €100 per month OR has an expenditure adjustment greater than €1,000 over the last 12 months;
  • Have a living allowance of less than 15 euros per day and per person due to these additional costs.

Payment of the Christmas bonus

Paid around December 15ththe Christmas bonus is intended for people who receive social support such as RSA paid by CAF or ASS and AER paid by Pôle Emploi.

The Christmas bonus for RSA recipients

Household composition

The amount of the Christmas bonus

1 single without children


1 single with 1 child


childless couple


1 person with 2 children


Couple with 1 child


1 single with 3 children


Couple with 2 children


1 person with 4 children


Couple with 3 children


1 single with 5 children


Couple with 4 children


The Christmas bonus for recipients of ASS or AER

The amount of the Christmas bonus for the beneficiaries of this financial support paid by Pôle Emploi is the same, regardless of the composition of the household: €152.45.

The use of the repair bonus for electrical and electronic devices

This December is also marked by the entry into force of an ecological measure: the repair bonus. Its purpose is to encourage consumers to repair their devices instead of throwing them away.

To take advantage of this financial aid, go to the website and choose a partner repairer. This will then subtract repair bonus amount on your invoice. According to France infofor example, the subsidy will be €10 for a coffee machine and €45 for a laptop.

In total these are thirty units which is eligible for this repair bonus. Among them are in particular:

  • Coffee machines;
  • Boilers;
  • toasters;
  • vacuum cleaners;
  • Iron;
  • Game consoles;
  • The telephones;
  • Television.

The cessation of certain forms of support paid by the state

More financial aids will end up 31th December. This is especially the case for:

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