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almost a billion euros in donations promised to Kiev at the Paris conference, France will provide rails, bridges and seeds

Macron will help Ukrainians “to resist during this winter”

Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday emphasized the international community’s willingness to help the Ukrainians “to resist this winter” in the face of a Russia that acts “cowardly” and whose purpose is to “dive into the dark and the cold”. “Russia, whose military weaknesses have been exposed, has adopted a cynical strategy aimed at destroying civilian infrastructure to bring Ukraine to its knees.”he declared at the opening of the Ukraine aid conference held in Paris.

After the last months’ conferences in Lugano, Warsaw and Berlin, this meeting, which brings together 70 delegations from countries and international organizations, including several heads of government, aims to “practical-practical”Mr Macron explained.

He accused Moscow of acting “cowardly” to “so terror among civilians, try to break the rear, failing to hold the front”. “These strikes, which Russia openly admits are only aimed at undermining the resistance of the Ukrainian people, constitute war crimes” WHO “will not go unpunished”, hammered the French head of state. Often criticized for his insistence on talks between Moscow and Kiev, Emmanuel Macron has made it clear that he is back in Ukraine “to decide on the conditions for a just and lasting peace”. He felt that “The Ten Point Peace Plan” of his Ukrainian colleague, Volodymyr Zelensky, was “an excellent foundation on which we will build together”.

But “the immediate emergency is to support the Ukrainian people’s ability to resist”he recalled, hoping for international contributions “up to the challenge”. He announced additional French aid, in 2023, of 76.5 million euros to spend the winter, “in electricity and energy” especially for the procurement of LEDs.



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