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Alpine drivers “disappointed” with the season’s result

Nicolas Lapierre

What do you remember from the last race of the season with Alpine in Bahrain?

Nicholas Lapierre: It was a long race and we suffered. They (Toyota. Editor’s note) were better than us in all areas, in top speed, in autonomy, in traffic. We knew we weren’t favorites when we got here and we couldn’t do anything. Additionally, they have success on their side by benefiting from a Full Course Yellow from the start. The race was already over. Logic is respected. They had to win this race, they had to win this championship and they deserve it. What is frustrating is the road. The team did what they had to and what they could. We have to be happy with this second place in the championship, which is still a good result, although we are disappointed. We are competitors and our goal was to win. »

You had a season of highs (Sebring, Monza) and lows (Le Mans), what do you remember first?

The team has developed well and matured. She is ready for this new program and this new challenge that awaits her in 2024. These two seasons were more of a preparation for the future. Despite everything, we are disappointed to lose this title, which we would have liked to have won. In general, the season is positive. We must remember that we operated at a much higher level than last year, which should give the team the opportunity to see podiums in the LMDh.

Is it rather a disappointment not to have won the title or not to have been able to defend your chance?

The disappointment is not winning the title, the frustration is not having been able to defend our chances. The logic is respected and Toyota deserves its victory. They had a great race and a great championship, congratulations to them.

Matthew Vaxiviere

What is your assessment of these 8 Hours of Bahrain?

Matthew Vaxiviere: (he thinks) I want to keep it positive. We had a good race, with no pitfalls on our side, with a good pace for the pack we had. However, there is disappointment. We would have liked to fight closer with them (Toyota. Ed. note) on the track. Everyone saw that there was no fight. That’s the way it is.

And the results of your entire season?

Positive, except that never two without three doesn’t work for wins (laughs). With the package we had and compared to last year, when we discovered all this, we can only draw positives from this season. We end on a good note again with this podium and the reliability that is there. We just didn’t have the rhythm.

Interview by Valentin Glo

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