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“Alzhei’mère”, a show you won’t soon forget!

The next theater evening offered by the In § Off association will be a little special.

On Friday 25 November at 21:00 the actress Sophie Belvisi will be on stage in the multi-hall in Vic-Fezensac for a one woman show entitled “Alzhei’mère”.

A dark subject tackled with a beautiful colorful humor!

The association had heard about the show and went to Bordeaux to see it on stage. Immediately captivated, she decided to integrate it into her programming for the year.

A portion of the profits will be donated to the French Alzheimer’s Association.

Sophie Belvisi has agreed to answer a few questions for Le Journal du Gers.


Ger’s newspaper: Sophie Belvisi, can you introduce yourself?

Sophie Belvisi: I am 28 years old, I live in Lyon and I am an actress.

Ger’s newspaper: The show you present in Vic-Fezensac on November 25 is a one woman show called Alzhei’mère. How is this show presented?

Sophie Belvisi: It is a one-woman show that talks about me when I had to take care of my mother who suffered from a disease similar to Alzheimer’s.

I felt the need to talk about this topic in a humorous way to raise awareness of the topic without dramatizing it.

There are moments of emotion in this show, but also laughter, music and even some vocalizations!

Ger’s newspaper: So you were very close to Alzheimer’s disease since your mother had it.

Why did you make a show out of it?

Sophie Belvisi: I was a family carer from the age of 16 until I was 26, and at that time I felt very alone.

So I wrote the show that I would have liked to have seen when I was in this situation.

Back then, 10 years ago, when I was confronted with the disease, there was nothing.

The so-called “relief platforms” did not exist.

When I see what France Alzheimer is doing today I am blinded, I so wish I had this a few years ago and this show would have allowed me to breathe, to have a breather, to tell myself that I understood that I was not alone.

I also want to be the voice for future generations because it is a disease that affects us more and more and I want new family caregivers who are younger and younger not to feel alone and to know that they can be followed.

Ger’s newspaper: Why did you choose a humorous tone?

Sophie Belvisi : I had first written a dramatic tone show “Bloody Memory”

Then I entered the world of the café theater.

I had performed a show alone on the stage “Dans le sac des filles” which had nothing to do with the subject of illness!

I discovered the codes of humor and that’s when I told myself I had a niche to grab.

It was also a challenge to choose a sad subject, a scary subject – because there are all the same in my show three subjects that are scary, illness, mother and death! – and try to make people laugh. The challenge was to figure out how to make a kid laugh who becomes a parent to his parent!

At first, my show scared the producers, because of the subject matter, but also because we wondered if there was enough material for a whole show about the disease.

In fact, I cut my show in such a way that there is substance: the disease, my career as a caregiver and how I got out of it.

Ger’s newspaper: This show, you play it in the theater, but do you also play it in nursing homes?

Sophie Belvisi: I’ve actually started playing the show in nursing homes.

In the beginning, my goal was not necessarily to play it in the theater, although that is my job, but to play it for associations like France Alzheimer.

I was lucky enough to be able to start making it as part of blue week which is carers week.

I was able to play my show in Perpignan on the 3rd of October and in Lille on the 6th of October as part of the Alzheimer and Care Associations of France who bought the show from me.

Playing him in that setting was really impressive and I hope it will be repeated.

My goal is actually that this show runs via France Alzheimer.

It fills me with joy to be associated with progress in Alzheimer’s.

Ger’s newspaper: What feedback do you get from viewers? Are these returns different depending on whether they are affected by the disease or not?

Sophie Belvisi: The funny thing is that the people who are affected by the disease are very affected by the show, but those who have nothing to do with the disease are also affected, because in addition to talking about Alzheimer’s, I’m talking about responsibility that falls upon us very early, by the reality that escapes us, by disorder itself…

For example, I have a friend of mine whose parents divorced, who watched her parents’ divorce on my show.

In the “classic” rooms, the audience expects the humorous side and “gets a slap” because the emotional side is very strong when I talk about my mother.

When I play it as part of France Alzheimer, the public has a different expectation because they wonder how I will tackle a subject they know well!

Ger’s newspaper: Apart from Vic-Fezensac, where we can see you on stage on November 25th, where will your show be played?

Sophie Belvisi: Of course I play in Lyon.

In particular, I have an important date, which is the 23rd of January, when I play at the Gerson room, which is one of the biggest performance halls in Lyon and a must for comedians, I will also be in Agen from the 12th to the 15th .January. , in Alès in February, in Bourg les Valences in March and especially at the Avignon Festival.

Ger’s newspaper: What are your projects?

Sophie Belvisi: I am an actress in a show “Crétin des Alpes”, which repeats all the clichés about Savoie, a show that only takes place in Savoie.

At the end of December I will be participating in a new program at the Rideau Rouge in a play called “The Perfect Man Does Not Exist”, a play where we are two women rubbing shoulders with the same man without knowing it!

I’m also thinking of writing a show that would arrive at the dawn of my 30th birthday, so in two years!

Ger’s newspaper: Is your career as an actor connected to your mother’s illness?

Sophie Belvisi: No way!

I come from a small village near Perpignan. My career was mapped out; I must have been a literature teacher. I was part of a theater group.

One day I woke up and told myself that I didn’t want to take the same route every day, that I dreamed of a new scene, that I wanted to do this job and make a living from it.

My mom didn’t believe it, but she wanted me to go through with it. That’s what I did!”

Alzheimer’s mother

Friday 25 November at

Vic-Fezensac multi-hall

Adults 15 euros Under 20 12 euros

reservation: [email protected] or 06 16 62 19 31

Before the show, for those who want, refreshment bar and sweet plate 5 euros




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