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An American soldier rescues two kittens in need and can no longer live without them

While on a mission away from home, an American soldier finds solace in an unusual new family.

Sergeant Leona was sent by the US Army on a long mission in Middle East. Away from her family and her home, she found a source of comfort and unexpected joy: two little kittens in need.

The kittens tried to shelter from the heat as best they could

Sergeant Leona discovered the 2 kittens sheltering under a small pot. They tried their best to protect themselves from the extreme heat that overwhelmed the country. Lacking food and water, they were weak and very thin. The soldier took them under his wing and provided them with all the food they needed to recover. She also brought them unconditional love.

Mutual aid

Thanks to the sergeant’s good care, John and Flothe 2 kittens have recovered. Flo was mischievous and playful, while John was calmer. The military quickly became attached to their 2 personalities. Far from her family, she found in them a source of comfort, tenderness and love. Thus, if Leona saved the felines’ lives, they gave it back to him.

Illustration of the article: An American soldier rescues two kittens in need and can no longer do without them

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An impossible separation

But one day what had to happen happened. Sergeant Leona was ordered to move from the base and therefore to leave her babies there. unable to part with it, Leona called on paws of waran association that aims to help rehome animals rescued by the military.

I can’t imagine leaving them behind. I want them to be moved to my home so that I can be reunited with them after I finish my deployment. I am their mom now and I love these little furry babies!“, she said, with words reported by A green planet.

The association supported Flo and Johnand is now arranging to raise funds to cover the expenses of their repatriation.



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