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an association alert to the phenomenon

Black cats are shunned by adopters: an association alert to the phenomenon

Black cats still have a bad reputation.

On Facebook, the animal protection association “La Tribu du Fourmilier” deplored that the black kittens “stay on the floor”.

Black cats shunned by adopters

As she explains on the social network, black kittens are always shunned by future adopters.

“People find all the excuses not to open their doors to them, even black and white ones that are too banal for families. And yet, they are so nice our babies”.

A bad image that dates back to the Middle Ages

Even today, the black cat can be synonymous with misfortune or a bad omen. A belief that dates back to the Middle Ages, at the time of the witch hunt.

In some cultures, the black cat is equated with an omen of death. However, he is very affectionate and more resistant than some other congeners.

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By Elodie Carpentier Picture credits:

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