an illegally detained caracal found in a private home

The discovery was made on October 25. Detention of caracals cannot be done without a permit.

An unusual find. A caracal, a cat species approaching a wild cat, was found in Roubaix at the end of October, learned BFM Grand Lille from the research brigade of the Lille Gendarmerie.

The discovery was made on October 25 in a private home during a search by gendarmes from the Lille, Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin and Gravelines brigades. However, the detention of caracals, which are classified as protected species, is under supervision and cannot be done without a permit.

The person in possession of the animal was involved in a case of vehicle theft, informs the gendarmerie in Lille.

The caracal was seized by the Lille Research Brigade, the French Office for Biodiversity and the firefighters in the Nordics. He was released in a zoo in the Loire.

Vincent Vieillard and Marine Langlois

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