An older Rottweiler used for dog training will experience a real upheaval

A simple crush can turn an entire life upside down. Sandrine, who attended a training course, never imagined for a second that she would be leaving with her canine soul mate.

Eden was 10 years old. She was an impressive woman Rottweiler which weighed no less than 40 kg. She had known nothing but her kennel, in which she had lived since birth. A few months a year she was placed in a dog training school to serve as an example for apprentices. It is during a lesson that she will meet the person of her life.

Sandrine Pubert wanted to train as a dog trainer. In 2019, she therefore went to a school specializing in New Aquitaine and had metEden. She testifies to Whoops : ” She spent her time in the kennel interspersed with “sitting, lying down, not moving” sessions. I found her to have an extremely gentle appearance, even though she was imposing “.

Illustration of the article: An older rottweiler used for dog training classes will experience a real upheaval

Sandrine Pubert / Woopets

The woman did not remain indifferent to the colossus, and after the training was completed, she realized that something was wrong with it Eden : ” By the end of training she had a drop in form which worried me. A few days later she had an abscess on her thigh “. This health problem was the decisive element for Sandra. She decided that something had to be done to change the fate of the elderly man.

She gave me back a hundred times what my husband and I gave her »

Accompanied by her husband, Sandrine took the necessary steps to adopt Eden. The breeder of the kennel agreed to bequeath her female dog, who quickly came to her new home. It was an unprecedented happiness for one who had never had a family: ” From that day on, Eden never left me, she was always by my side. I felt that I had become very important to her testified his adoptive mother.

Moreover Rottweiler now had 2 little 4-legged sisters who accompanied him in his rehabilitation. Between forest and sea, Eden were able to rebuild and live peacefully.

Illustration of the article: An older rottweiler used for dog training classes will experience a real upheaval

Sandrine Couchepasbouge / Facebook

Unfortunately, his health was unstable. She had a series of appointments with the vet, and then one day the disease finally took hold of her body. A tumor had lodged in one of his kidneys. Soft Eden died due to illness, 2 years after her adoption.

Sandrine never claim to have felt such a void ” previously. Both had a friendly crush and she will never forget it.

Since this painful ordeal, the family is slowly rebuilding itself with the help of Keko, a puppy she welcomed last July. She has fond memories ofEden.

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