Analysis by Good Value for Money of the characteristics of the new individual pension savings Asac Fapes PER

As the name suggests, Asac Fapes PER is individual pension savings launched by the association Asac Fapes. Built with the life insurance company Spirica benefit from real know-how in terms of innovation and legacy solutions, Asac Fapes PER combines the qualities :

  • by Asac Fapes in terms of downward pricing policy and off search for solutions in the interests of the members Firstly,
  • of Spirica in relation to the importance and flexibility of contract functionsbreadth and quality of range of units of accountand suggestions of innovative supports.

Asac Fapes PER offers three forms of financial management to the saver:

  • of free managementdoes not give rise to no additional billing for the customer in addition fees on outstanding amounts in UA (0.50%) and costs specific to each investment vehicle as in any life insurance contract or individual PER,
  • of management driven by horizonwithout no extra fees either with one investment network specific to each of the three profiles (cautious, balanced, dynamic) in the following media:
    • that SC Tangram managed by Amundi Immobilier
    • that SCI Capimmo managed by Primonial REIM,
    • that FCPR Ardian Multi Strategies,
    • Best worlda fund invested in shares in large international growth companies,
    • Active allocation risk Budget 1a flexible management fund managed by Acer Finance,
    • that Sprica Euro PER New Generation fundfunds in euros with a partial capital guarantee of 98% per annum,
  • of management under collective mandate delegated to Ofi AM and gives rise to an increase in annual account unit management fees of 0.26%.

The main advantages of Asac Fapes PER

  • Contract benefits from particularly low costs for the benefit of the memberwhich also emphasizes the importance of controlled costs over a long investment period, such as preparing for retirement:
    • No prepayments on payments: 0%
    • Annual management fees on unit-linked assets reduced to 0.50%
    • Absence of arbitration fees at the initiative of the investor in free management
  • The quality of the series of 313 units of account (102 management companies) offered in free management. that benchmark for the financial results for this interval compared to the created database of good value for money highlights a financial surplus:
    • of + 1.89% per year on average over the last three years (period 2019-2021),
    • of + 1.57% per year on average over the last five years (period 2017-2021).
  • Opportunity for the saver to invest in the next generation of financial supportin addition to the range of classic asset-based billing units offered in the contract, with in particular:
    • 40 index supports (trackers or ETFs),
    • 18 SCPI, 12 OPCI, 6 SCI / SC / SCP,
    • 114 live tracks (live actions),
    • 5 capital funds (live actions).
  • A wide range of financial management offers available to saversas the latter is also able to associate them in his contract through multi-pockets:
    • Free administration with more than 500 supports collected and 4 financial options automatic arbitration,
    • Horizon-based management with the three levels of financial risk-taking set out in the Regulations: prudent, balanced, dynamic,
    • Management under collective mandate delegated to Ofi AM with three leadership styles offered:
      • Balance: Recommended minimum investment horizon of 3 years with an average equity investment of 37.5%,
      • Future trends: Recommended minimum investment horizon of 8 years with an investment on the international stock markets in companies that contribute to the energy, technological or demographic transition,
      • Carte blanche: Recommended minimum investment horizon of 5 years with a mix between equity units between 35% and 90% depending on the period and especially monetary and/or bond units.
    • Contract incorporates two innovative investment offers developed by Spirica in response to the necessary changes to the classic Eurofund:
      • that Euro PER New Generation funds, funds in euros with an annual guarantee lowered to 98% to allow the insurance company to further diversify assets for increased financial returns,
      • that internal fund Growth Allocation Long Term (ALT) allows the saver to invest a sum of money over an 8-year horizon with a guarantee at maturity of 80% of the invested amounts excluding fees, the unit’s interest also being there to seek more performance thanks to a wider and more managed diversification of assets.

Main disadvantages of Asac Fapes PER

  • Minimum amount for payment when signing the contract of €500yet aware of the functional richness and product placement solutions.
  • Absence from free administration, financial possibility for periodic rebalancing of savings (for example: once every six months) in relation to a reference allocation defined by the saver.
  • Minimum amount for free management arbitration of €500however, remember that all arbitration proceedings are free.

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