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Anik Jean has lost her cat again and is asking for help to find it

Trouble in the family of Anik Jean, Monsieur Midnight, the family cat, has escaped again and the singer is asking for the public’s help in finding him.

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The 45-year-old singer has again lost her cat in Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

Mister Midnight, a two-year-old female, managed to escape from the family home for the second time.

Anik Jean has also posted a search notice on Instagram.

“Mr Midnight has been missing again since last Friday in the Mont St-Hilaire area, the last time he was missing 9 days he was found in a garage someone opened and he snuck out so if you ever live in Mont St-Hilaire and you see it, please contact me. Thank you”.

Last May, the kitten went missing before a citizen found him in his garage. Apparently he had contacted the owners so they could get it back.

Keep an eye out if you are in the Mont-Saint-Hilaire area, you can find a star cat.

It is hoped that Mister Midnight will find his way home soon.

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