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animal products will increase by 41% in 2023

The ad should make more than one pet owner swoon. Michel-Edouard Leclerc, founder of the eponymous retail group, announces a 41% increase in animal product prices by 2023. an increase there added to what was already hit in 2022: + 13%.

Sébastien Crépieux, founder of Invers, which has been producing kibble for four years, explains that manufacturers of dog and cat food must face significant increases in production costs : the raw material and the energy flare, as well as by a lack of protein due to bird flu. His company limits the increase to just 5 to 6%, a far cry from the increases requested by the two dominant groups: Nestlé and Mars. This market is real very uncompetitivethese two giants maintain comfortable margins.

But inflation is not limited to kibble, the litter is also concerned. Philippe Lambeaux, president of AgroBiotheur explains that his company is suing an increase in costs of 90%. “We had to raise our prices by 50%because if we didn’t, we put the key under the door”, he assures.

SPA fears an increase in abandonments

As a result, according to Ifop, Almost a quarter of the French have already given up on adopting a hairball because of the costs associated with it. And abandonments could be more and more frequent with galloping inflation. This is the fear of several animal defense associations and Philippe Adam, president of the SPA in Salon and its region of Provence.

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