Anne-Marie who had knitted a dog hair sweater was FINALLY able to offer it to Prince Laurent: “It’s very warm” (photos)


Do you remember Anne Marie who knitted dog hair sweaters? We met him last September with the hope of being able to offer one to the prince. This Friday, his dream came true.

This whole story begins last spring when Prince Laurent attended an event organized by Handi-Bob, an association that brings together disabled children with bobtails. Laurent, a great animal lover, jokingly blurted out: “I would like a short-haired sweater“.

Anne-Marie Bada, from the city of Berloz, member of Handi-Bob, took this touch of humor very seriously. “I didn’t know how tall the prince was, I was basing it on pictures“, she says. Using three kilos of hair from bobtails, she knitted a sweater.

If Anne-Marie honored her part of the challenge, so did Prince Laurent. He therefore went to Berloz to pick up the garment. “It is very hot. This is a first for me, I’m proud of it!“, he told our colleagues in the South. He continued: “Doesn’t shed hair?“Anne-Marie would have answered:”No, as soon as you wash it twice“.

Bad luck for Anne-Marie, the sweater was obviously too big. But King Philip’s brother was able to laugh: “The size is perfect. I lost 34 kilos and weigh only 100 kilos. I feel much better about myself. It just might be a bit too long.


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