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Anny Duperey’s huge rant against the government about unvaccinated and non-reintegrated carers: “What are we waiting for to reintegrate them? That’s 15,000 carers ready to work” – VIDEO

This morning, Anny Duperey was a guest of Jordan de Luxe in “Chez Jordan” on C8. During the interview, the actress spoke out against the government about care workers who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 and who have not been reinstated.

“The Minister of Health said recently that the hospital is in such a state, the health service is in pain, the emergency services are closing… I read that nursing staff should be recruited”, began Anny Duperey.

Before turning to François Braun: “Mr Minister, there are 15,000 suspended carers, but also firefighters and gendarmes who are waiting for only one thing: to be reinstated, as they did in New York and Italy. What are we waiting for? That’s 15,000 carers. ready to work.”

“Do you know what suspended means? It means they’re not laid off. They haven’t been unemployed or paid for two years or a year 1/2. It’s a huge anger that comes from the heart when I read ‘ are we’ you have to find carers?’, finally: they are there! Without pay, without anything, without unemployment”, she concluded in this excerpt that invites you to (re)discover (see the video above).



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