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Anxious cat befriends foster dog (video)

When Sylvester and Cooper met, it was the start of a beautiful romance. These furballs are both shy and found in each other all the love they needed.

Sylvester is a 5 month old male with black and white colors. As reported lovemeowhe was rescued with his cat family by Little Wanderers NYC a few months ago, and his rescuers quickly saw in him a true ball of love.

A loving but shy kitten

Primarily, Sylvester was the only one particularly attached to his mother, Tweety. ” When she cried, he stopped playing with his brothers and sisters and turned to her to comfort him. shared the volunteers further instagram.

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Since birth, Sylvester has been an intelligent, sensitive and slightly different cat they added. Characterized by a strong shyness, the young feline took time to integrate into his foster family. But the day he met Coopereverything changed.

The meeting of his life

His foster family’s resident dog gave him all the love and comfort he needed. Pochen was also anxious, so he looked quickly Sylvester a true soulmate.

The kitten gave her headbutts and hugs while Cooper sniffed it everywhere. They quickly followed each other to the 4 corners of the house. Sylvester even tried to nurse him, much to the surprise of his new friend!

A kitten ‘obsessed’ with dogs

Unfortunately, the cat’s foster family is unable to adopt it, but it is certain that the cat will fit perfectly into a home with dog(s). He also gets along really well with other cats and is very fond of his sister, Daffy.

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If you have a dog that needs a friend, Sylvester will be a perfect addition to your family! The volunteers are sure of: Sylvester is a “ big boy from now on and he is ready for the next chapter of his life.




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