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Are foxes related to cats or dogs?

The foxes are wild animals that hunt rodents and other small prey. Depending on the species, they are adapted to live in very low temperatures, in snowy places or in warm places with lots of vegetation.

The foxes are the smallest mammals in their familythey belong to the Canidae family to which dogs also belong, they are usually very active at night compared to the day, common foxes usually weigh between 5 and 9 kg, but the smallest fox breed is 1.5 kg.

These mammals are currently endangered extinction as their fur has become highly sought after in the textile industry, fashion and accessories etc. Their main characteristics to highlight are that they have large ears and their fur is short and/or semi-short, which allows them to adapt to warm temperatures. The difference from arctic foxes is that they have small ears and much shorter limbs, they also have thicker fur to withstand low temperatures and thus keep warm; this distinguishes them from foxes in warm environments.

However, unlike other animals, foxes tend to be solitary dogs and cats that rarely keep company. closer to dogs, like wolves, which are gregarious. They form packs and live in packs all their lives. They even create strategies to hunt together and thus achieve best results.

Here are some species of foxes:

1. Vulpes vulpes:

Better known as common fox or red fox.

Source: Instagram screenshot

2. Vulpes Velox:

Sometimes called “fast cat” or in other words fast fox.

Source: Instagram screenshot

Here is the smallest known species of fox described above, known as the fennec fox:

– Fennec:

Also known as the desert fox. One of the most populous species in the Sahara (one of the fox breeds that I consider my favorite).

Source: Instagram screenshot

-Urocyon cinereoargenteus or better known as the gray fox:

Although these foxes are not gray as they have a noticeable reddish hue and the reason for their gray color is the look generated by their black and white fur.

Source: Instagram screenshot

The rAnard is a very interesting species in terms of wild diversityalthough the introduction of man in nature has endangered the existence of these mammals, but it is worth knowing more about them and their variety.



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