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Are the insurance policies suitable?

No specific insurance agreement for the electric car! Like any other motor vehicle, thermo, hybrid… it must be insured and you have the choice of third party, extended third party or all risk insurance.

However, in the case of the purchase of a new vehicle, all-risk warranties are most suitable due to the value of the vehicle, its battery and the particularities of its repairs. The insurance companies have therefore offered additional guarantees.

Take care of the battery

The battery is an essential part of the car to be able to move. How do you insure the battery in your electric car? If the vehicle you’re insuring has a rental battery, it’s up to the manufacturer to insure the equipment, even if it’s a long-term rental. If the battery is included in the purchase of the car (the most common case), it is better to plan to insure it because it is expensive to replace.

So before you take out insurance, remember to check whether your battery is covered by your contract.

With some insurance companies, stolen cables and adapters can be reimbursed at replacement value. Photo B. Jouvin

Check your theft/fire insurance

The fire warranty guarantees owners compensation if their vehicle is destroyed or damaged by fire. Make sure that the risk of internal combustion is not excluded from the warranties, as lithium-ion batteries remain susceptible to fire.

Remember that extinguishing an electric vehicle is an ordeal for firefighters: it takes about 45,000 liters of water to defeat an electrical fire.

Choose zero mile assistance

In order not to be immobilized in the event of a battery failure, it is advisable to take out zero kilometer breakdown assistance in your electric car insurance. You can benefit from towing your car to a charging station without mileage deduction. A repairer can also come to your home to repair an electrical fault on your electric car as part of this assistance, at no extra cost.

Check that the assistance contract states the specific limitations for the electric vehicle: the repairer must have a level of electrical authorization (B1XL / B2XL index: specific electrical interventions regarding breakdown assistance-towing of an EV).

The vehicle must be sent to a workshop whose personnel involved also have the necessary authorization.

Exemption from the special tax on insurance contracts only applies to 100% electric cars.  Hybrids and plug-in hybrids are subject to it.  Photo Peugeot / Stellantis

Exemption from the special tax on insurance contracts only applies to 100% electric vehicles. Hybrids and plug-in hybrids are subject to it. Photo Peugeot / Stellantis

Secure your charging station

Your vehicle’s charging station can pose a risk, including an electrical fire hazard, whether it is located in a garage or outside on the wall of the house.

The charging station or Wallbox is insured by your MRH (Multi-risk home) insurance, but you must still inform the insurance company of the presence of the terminal.

It is also necessary to check that the installation is compatible and does not risk disturbing the balance of your basic electrical installation.

Good news for electricity

The Special Tax on Insurance Contracts (TSCA) was introduced in 1944 to replace the various stamp duties associated with insurance contracts.

Since January 2021, the government has chosen to encourage the purchase of cleaner vehicles, including electric cars, by abolishing this tax. A measure that will last until 2023.

Thanks to this exemption, you can save up to 25% per year on your insurance premium. This makes your contract more economical.



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