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Are you ready to pay for your bins by weight? – 13.00 newspaper

This is a reform that causes people to complain in the Dordogne. The incentive fee, which is paid in proportion to the amount of waste produced, meets with some resistance. “I find that it is not a given anyway”, confides a resident. As a badge to deposit your black bins, it is a new tool to control all comers. From January, the system will replace the tax on household waste. For a couple, it costs 245 euros per year to deposit 26 bags of 60 liters in this container. It is 318 euros for a family of four for 40 bags. In addition to that, each opening will be charged 5.20 euros. It is a system which, according to an association representative, will lead to a large increase for the most modest households. Mireille Noppe is worried. Her brother has multiple disabilities and produces an average of two bags of waste a day. The purpose of this fee is to encourage residents to produce less waste, but above all to sort it before taking it to the collection points. For recyclable waste, the bins are free. TF1 | Report E. Braem, A. Vieira




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