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“Are your paws cold, my kitten?”, yes cats understand that we are talking to them – Liberation


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According to a French study, pets can tell the difference between sentences meant for other people and the silly intonation you use when talking to them. But they are only interested in their master’s voice.

“Oh my teddy bear, are you half asleep under the covers? Were you cold about your little paws? The teddy bear in question isn’t really sleeping – he just wiggled an ear in our direction and started purring. “Oh yeah, you know I’m talking about you, huh my hairy shrimp?” Of course he knows people are talking about him. Cats are very good at recognizing the silly voice their human companion makes to address them, and this has now been scientifically proven.

“The way dogs respond to speech addressed to them has attracted the interest of scientists. But we know much less about how cats perceive speech addressed to them.notes Charlotte de Mouzon, Marine Gonthier and Gérard Leboucher in their study, published on Tuesday by the journal Pet cognition. These three French ethologists wanted to know if domestic animals know the difference between the sentences exchanged between adults and the sentences they intend for them, animals.

Like when we talk to babies

They gathered 16 students at the Maisons-Alfort veterinary school (Val-de-Marne) with their respective cats. The felines were placed in an unfamiliar but inviting space (a school dormitory converted into an ethology laboratory for cats, with hiding places, toys, litter boxes, etc.). They were in the company of their human, p



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