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As if by magic, the family finds the dog they left to die a slow death

This Thursday, December 22, Bras Panon’s municipal police invest the house. “The dog can’t even walk. He can barely lift his head… He’s deadly, anemic, exhausted. Water stagnant with mosquito larvae to drink”Cécile of the Association for Education in Animal Welfare (APEBA) said yesterday.

The family finally gives in

Despite the evidence and the urgency of the situation, the owner’s father refuses to hand over the animal in his son’s absence. The municipal police return to the scene in the afternoon, but the dog is no longer there. The family will claim that the dog suddenly wanted to leave, the one who was always associated…

This Saturday morning, good news, the APEBA association receives a call from the gendarmes: the owner allegedly has “found his dog” and is ready to give it away this afternoon, but the association wants the return to take place at the end of the morning for veterinary treatment as soon as possible.

Without wasting a minute, the volunteer heads east to retrieve a dog, which she finds skeletal and “amorphous”. He is a little apprehensive when you lay a hand on him, which probably also gives an idea of ​​the treatment conditions he was kept under.

With a view to leaving the vet, the APEBA association is already looking for a foster family for “Christmas”. This is the name given to this hunting dog who was finally able to get out of this disturbing state of life thanks to reports.

The association maintains its complaint against this owner.




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