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At what age should senior insurance be taken out?

In order to protect oneself and have adequate social protection, it can be crucial tohas senior health insurance. However, it is difficult to determine exactly at what age one should start taking out this supplementary health insurance.

In France, you are considered a senior by social security at the age of 55. At this age, we are a little closer to retirement. This would therefore be the ideal time to think about it change their group to a mutual one, which could be more beneficial. Especially since it will be easier to get social assistance for a subscription. The sooner we go about it for a senior mutual, it is ideal.

What is the best health insurance for seniors?

Many mutual insurance organizations now offer supplemental health contracts that are suitable for seniors. It is not easy to determine the best mutual health without making a comparison and evaluating certain criteria to choose the one that best fits their profile.

The first point thatit will be necessary to take into account when choosing its reciprocal is undoubtedly the level of support it covers. Then comes the limitation imposed by the organization, the waiting period or the existence of a medical questionnaire. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the cost of mutual insurance.

Use an online health comparator to see more clearly!

How do you choose your Dental Mutual?

Dental prosthesis, implant, dental care. Dental treatments can be very expensive and are mostly very little reimbursed by social security. The latter only covers up to 70% of the agreed basis. The deductible is often very high.

Dental care needs vary from person to person. Some people will e.g. need more orthodontic treatment when others only need routine care for small actions such as caries care or scaling. Lthe choice of one’s dentist must therefore be made according to:

  • of his real needs
  • The reimbursement rate that the mutual practices (100% of BR, 300% or even 400%)
  • Reimbursement time for expensive procedures

Tips for choosing the right health insurance

To choose the right health insurance company, the previous points remain the most important criteria to consider. It will also be necessary to secure strengthen the guarantees at nursing stations where one is likely to consult a little more than the others. Alternative medicine, spa treatments and other actions poorly compensated by its basic social protection scheme must be prioritized. Finally, do not hesitate to use a mutual insurance comparator to identify the mutual insurance company that suits us and choose the most advantageous one.



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