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Aude – Bitten by two dogs, she testifies: “I thought it was the last day of my life”

On November 25, Valérie was bitten several times by two dogs belonging to her neighbor. The victim, who has not fully recovered from his injuries, will warn of the risks.

Valérie has not fully recovered from her injuries. But she tries to keep her spirits up by telling her story. “I want to testify about what happened to me on November 25.” That day, 52-year-old Valérie visits her neighbors who live in a terraced house in the town of Tourouzelle. “It was the owner’s mother who opened the door for me. I saw two heads sticking out, they were the dogs.”

At that point, Valérie is not afraid: “I figured they would bite like most dogs do.” But the situation degenerates, the neighbor who takes care of these two crossed Australian shepherds cannot hold them back. The victim was bitten several times. “I had a hematoma on my right arm, wounds on my chest and on my right ankle.” Her husband heard a noise at that time.“He didn’t know it was me”, says Valerie. With a friend they would have managed to get the victim of this attack out. The dogs, they were recovered by the owners in stiff arms.

A complaint filed with the gendarmerie of Lézignan-Corbières

Valérie was treated by her doctor and did not know how to react when she saw these two dogs jumping on her. “I’m not someone who’s afraid of these animals. I even had them for a period of my life. At the time, I didn’t understand what was going on.”details of the victim.

Valérie was particularly bitten on the thigh.

The day after the events, on November 26, she went to the gendarmerie of Lézignan-Corbières to file a complaint. “I was really in a state of shock. I thought it was the last day of my life. I went to the gendarmerie so that it wouldn’t happen again. With my partner we have two small children, we don’t want this to happen happen to them”she confirms, still scarred by the attacks.

A month later, the wounds are still visible on Valérie’s body.. “Healing is long because the wounds are deep”, she points out. Since his assault, the 50-year-old wants to warn about this danger. “I think you have to be careful no matter what. We don’t know what can happen. People need to be informed”, she notes. And to conclude:These dogs are still there. I really want to avoid similar events in my municipality.”

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