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Automotive / Mobility. Why 55% of the French are ready to switch to an electric bike

Published at the end of the year, the latest edition of the Shimano parts supplier survey* has the distinction of being the first to be almost no longer affected by the health crisis.

This allows us to focus on the essentials: What would push the inhabitants of one of the twelve affected European countries, including the French, to adopt the electric bicycle?

The logic of an economy

On a European scale, the answer is clear. “It’s the cost of living that worries us,” reports the Japanese manufacturer. 47% of respondents believe that this explains why people use the electric bike, in response to the increase in the price of fuel and public transport. »

This share rises to 55% in France, where the average price per liter of diesel exceeded two euros in March 2022, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee). Another example: the Île-de-France region is preparing to raise the price of its Navigo pass by 12% on 1eh January 2023.

In second place among the reasons for using the electric bike during the last twelve months, we find support for purchase, a reason for encouragement for 41% of Europeans and especially 60% of the French.

This is a lever that several local authorities have been able to rely on, for example Greater Lyon, with assistance for the purchase of bicycles made between January and 31 December 2022.

Environment not so important?

If the reduction of the environmental footprint affects more and more widely, especially among people over the age of 24, this remains a secondary motivation. It is mentioned by only a third of the Europeans surveyed and 35% of the French.

One last note, especially important for parts supplier Shimano: maintenance. “It is worrying to note that 12% of people with a bicycle only go to a workshop when their bicycle breaks down,” laments the Japanese.

“A routine or early visit to the bike shop can often avoid more expensive repairs in the future,” he says.

“Shimano State of the Nation Report 2022”, survey conducted online from 17 to 25 August 2022 by YouGov Pic among 15,792 adults from 12 European countries (UK, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and Switzerland).



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