Aveyron: alerted by moaning, she discovers 13 puppies in a bin

Aveyron: alerted by moaning, she discovers 13 puppies in a bin

Of the 13 newborns discovered in the town of Coussergues, only one puppy was alive, but ultimately did not survive. The association 1 tag for you filed a complaint in an attempt to reveal the perpetrator.

A woman made a sickening discovery in the town of Coussergues last week: 13 puppies, more precisely newborns, thrown into a garbage container. The woman would have been alerted by the moans of the babies, reports the Aveyron association 1 tag for you.

“Only one puppy survived, he must have been in the middle of his brothers and sisters, which kept him warm”, testified the association disgusted by this discovery. “We got the puppy, we went straight to the vet. He had a temperature of 34°C, which is really very low. It was time for him to be saved”.

Two complaints filed

The association filed a complaint for animal cruelty on Monday. The person who found the puppies in the trash did the same. “I hope we find the culprit. There were other solutions than throwing the poor puppies in the trash.” The members are also looking for witnesses who can help them find the perpetrator. “A female dog with 13 puppies, that does not go unnoticed”, continues the association member.

The sole surviving sibling, only three days old at the time of discovery, ultimately did not survive, the association said on its Facebook account. “He fought,” says Isabelle, who is a member of the association that took the puppy in. Until Saturday, he nursed, but he died on Sunday. The puppies were “Beauceron crosses,” according to the woman.


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