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Because of the works in its street, this restaurant on the Riviera is again forced to close for lunch

Indigestible. The great fight of Don Camillo, in flesh, stone and worries. “We don’t know where to turn“, sighs Sandrine Baretta who has just put a new poster on the window of her establishment: “Since this Monday we stop the lunch service. Like before.

The reason? The same ones who had pushed restaurant owners in Antibes to skip lunch several months ago. Namely: nuisances related to neighboring works. Marenda-Lacan and above all, at the moment, the paving of rue Vauban.

We receive dust, there is noise during the service. It’s not tenable“, maintains Alain Baretta whose remarks are joined by Martine, one of their clients living in Vallauris.

My tranquility did not last very long when I decided to eat on the terrace“, she announces while recounting the lived episode: “It was about 1 p.m. when the comings and goings of construction machinery began. Which totally pissed me off.

And again, she couldn’t eat with a view of… dumpster. Supporting photos, the manager points to a tangle of trash cans, pallets and other rubbish that are “ sometimes stored right outside our house“.

And if it’s not the panorama that leaves something to be desired, it’s downright the atmosphere when you sit down outside at the meridian break. “Some gears have to bite the curb. Already we don’t have many people, that’s a deterrent “, summarize those who have been running this address with Mediterranean flavors for twenty years.

So, yes: the calculation is quickly done. Might as well leave the stoves off half-time. “I had to opt to put my two young people out of work, I can’t afford to open to make 100 euros in revenue for lunch with three employees. I’m losing money at this rate“, supports the boss, throat tight.

Can dinner make up for the shortfall? “What is lost is lost. But it’s not crowded in the evening either, whereas before we had a lot of people… ” What’s fault? “Accessibility.

Impassable by vehicle at the moment from Place Guynemer, the route is undergoing a facelift. Waiting for the end of this achievement during the summer, the family is chomping at the bit: “We can’t work properly, visitors don’t push on seeing the construction site.

Their demands? “A break from work during the midday service. And also the possibility of storing the dumpster and vehicles elsewhere.“History that the season does not only exist in fours, in their pizza oven.

In proceedings against BNP Paribas Real Estate (1), the managers of Don Camillo have the impression of shouting in the desert: “Of course, it will be later. But for the moment, the situation is very bad.

1. The accessibility and nuisances of the site of the Marenda-Lacan program are at the heart of this file. The managers hope to obtain compensation from the promoter for what they consider to be a loss of earnings generated by the works.




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