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before the joint joint commission, the right wing puts pressure on the government

The right is sticking to its positions. If the senatorial majority, consisting of the Republicans (LR) and the centrist Union (UC), during its consideration in the Senate hardened the bill that paved the way for unemployment insurance reform, it is not to let go of the ballast under the joint mixed committee (CMP), which will take place on Wednesday 9 November, she warns. With five members out of the fourteen that make it up – seven deputies and seven senators – it has as many parliamentarians as the presidential coalition.

Two weeks after Emmanuel Macron, France 2 called for “an alliance” rightly, evocative in particular labor reforms LR deputies and senators know that they are in a strong position when it comes to negotiating this text. Especially since they share the general philosophy of this bill put forward by the government as ” the first step ” to achieve full employment – ​​5% unemployment – ​​by 2027. “Basically, it’s in line with ours, to restore the value of the work, to make sure that we get outunemployment insurance to return to work in a more restrictive manner”explains the representative of the Vosges, Stéphane Viry (LR).

It is therefore still necessary to reach an agreement with the presidential camp “markers and temporality” measures, the elected representative explains. Faced with this pas de deux between the government and the right, the left has become a substitute. “It is a dogmatic text that must hit the unemployed and harden the line of the majority to show that they are able to work with the right wing”replies Calvado’s deputy, Arthur Delaporte (Socialist Party), who regrets not having “had no contact with the government”.

“We need to confirm the insurance nature of the system”

“I think the government has an interest in taking a step in our direction”, for his part, confirms the bill’s co-rapporteur in the Senate, Frédérique Puissat (LR). If the discussions are to continue on Tuesday, the right-wing and centrist senators want to see the two measures they passed in open session, against the government’s advice, preserved in the final text, which restricts access to unemployment insurance. contracts denying three fixed contracts “at least equivalent remuneration” in twelve months and to temporary workers from the first refusal. For Frederique Puissat, “Letting go is out of the question” on these two points because “we must confirm the insurance nature of the system, which must protect people who are involuntarily deprived of employment”.

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