Behind the photo of a dog sent by mistake to a colleague, her moving story of friendship with her owner attacked with a knife

Monkee and his mistress are inseparable. The latter will never forget the support and comfort that her dog had given her the day she had received several stab wounds in a park. A misunderstanding that recently took place with a colleague highlighted their beautiful friendship.

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The story of a dog called monkee and his mistress went viral after a mistake by her, accidentally sending the animal’s photo as an email attachment to a co-worker. A story told by Newsweek June 15.

Emma Berquist is an American author from Bastrop in the state of Texas. She is also and above all the owner of monkee, Border Terrier cross. She had adopted her from a shelter in El Segundoin California.

Emma Berquist/Twitter

The dog was by her side during the terrible ordeal she had experienced on December 6, 2019. The duo was then not in the United States, but in Wellington in New Zealand. The young woman was walking monkee in a park when a teenager attacked her in a totally random way, stabbing her 6 times. Fortunately, none of his vital organs were affected. The 16-year-old assailant was identified and arrested a few days later.

“She stayed by my side until the end”

Emma Berquist therefore survived, but the hospitalization and convalescence were very hard to live with. So was the psychological trauma left by the attack. During this difficult period, she could count on the unfailing support of monkee. This last ” was so brave when it happened. She stayed by my side until the end “says the writer.

Illustration of the article: Behind the photo of a dog sent by mistake to a colleague, her moving story of friendship with her owner attacked with a knife
Emma Berquist/Twitter

She adds that her dog “ is incredibly protective and loving, even if only with the people she chooses as part of her family “.

Recently, as mentioned above, Emma Berquist attached a photo of monkee to an e-mail addressed to a colleague, instead of a professional document. On the picture, we see the dog indulging in one of her favorite activities; sleep under the sun. ” I was sending an email from my phone and trying to attach a confirmation screenshotsays the author. I accidentally selected the next photo, which was the one of Monkee that I had taken the day before. »

The recipient “found the thing very funny”

Panicking after realizing her mistake, she was relieved by the recipient’s reaction. The person ” was very understanding and even found the thing very funny “, she says in effect.

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An anecdote thatEmma Berquist shared on Twitter. The publication totals more than 7,000 retweets and nearly 250,000 likes on the social network. She says she was pleasantly surprised by the reactions of Internet users.

A well-deserved spotlight for the brave monkee and his miraculous mistress.

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