Belfort. L’Atypique, a new restaurant that lives up to its name

The restaurant L’Atypique only opens from December 29, from Wednesday to Saturday, lunch and dinner, but it already stands out. Because it must be admitted that it has everything, atypical. The establishment with 34 seats is so by its location. It settles down in a large room of 160 m² occupied, until this summer, by the Week-end bar. This nightclub opened in 2016 and specializes in themed nights. When the company ceased its activity, one of its employees was persuaded to take over the premises together with his partner David Pelisson, owner of the premises. To start a new activity.

Atypical, the restaurant is also atypical in its location. It is located at 11 place Émile Loubet, an address almost impossible to find by a good part of the GPS.

Limited number of dishes

“I prefer to say that the restaurant is located at 13 rue de la Croix du Tilleul, at the intersection with rue de la Poissonnerie on a road that extends rue du Ballon”, laughs Jennifer Gautier.

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The establishment is unusual in its menu. Composed by two chefs, Coralie Gueutal and Alexandre Berna, with 18 and 12 years of experience respectively, it combines traditional and bistro cuisine. It is clear, and as required by the bistronomy concept, this menu will indicate a limited number of dishes to maintain the quality of the food. This trend can be found in starters, main courses and desserts.

Four types of fondue

“The idea is to make them with fresh quality products”, sums up Coralie Gueutal. “We will ban frozen foods and favor local producers. We offer four starters, four main courses and four desserts, which will change according to the seasons. To excite the taste buds and lovers of comfort, the two chefs have added four types of fondue (Savoyard, Paris, Bourgogne and Bacchus).


Atypical, the restaurant is also atypical for the good mood and simplicity of its reduced team. They have every intention of offering theme nights and entertainment.

“I will take care of reservations, orders and service,” concludes Jennifer Gautier. Gifted in sales, the co-manager is also gifted in construction work. She, with occasional helpers, took charge of most of the transformation work in the former nightclub. This detail is also atypical and reflects a desire to succeed.

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