Bellegarde: at the animal assistance fund’s shelter, dozens of dogs and cats are waiting for adoption

Refuge des Sources offers a large number of animals for adoption. Remember, this is a really long-term commitment.

The refuge Souces in Bellegarde welcomes more than a hundred dogs and almost as many cats. But also other animals withdrawn from their owners for mistreatment (donkeys, pigs… etc.).
And unfortunately, the shelter is always full… The dogs that are lucky enough to be adopted are quickly replaced by new abandoned or abused animals.

Committed volunteers

11 employees and 30 to 40 volunteers take turns looking after the dogs all year round.

“We have a very good core”, admits Anne-Laure Ledoux, manager of the refuge and Laura Hambacher, animal manager. An unlimited devotion to these animals, the goal is to find them a home.

Successful adoptions to avoid returning to shelters

In order to avoid return, which is always traumatic for the animals as well as for the volunteers, “we are hyperselective: we see the families three or four times, we assess their contact with the animal, we see if the environment and the lifestyle correspond well to the animal. It is a long-term commitment,” the managers explain.

And of course we forget the idea of ​​making an animal a Christmas present…
The shelter has chosen not to offer its animals on the Internet: “we prefer that people move around”.

Adoptions, sponsorships or donations are possible

A selection of dogs and cats for adoption is also continuously offered via press ads, including Midi Libre, “with good feedback”, according to Anne-Laure.
For people who cannot or do not want to adopt, it is also possible to sponsor an animal: “we give them news, they can come and see them”
It is possible to make donations to the shelters. No food, but blankets or toys for dogs and cats are welcome.

Refuge des Sources, is on the RD 113 (route d’Arles) in Bellegarde, it welcomes visitors every afternoon from 1:30pm to 5:00pm (except public holidays). For the holiday season, ask on 04 66 01 13 21. Internet http://www.fondationassistanceaux

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