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Béziers: Jean-Moulin high school takes care of its sixty cats that live on campus

For seven years, the education team at the high school Jean-Moulin in Béziers has been feeding stray cats. During the 2020/2021 school year, the professionals decided to create an association to take care of the felines as best as possible.

“We have identified more than 60 cats at the establishment”, explains Camille Babolat. The treasurer of the association Les Chats de Jean-Moulin endeavors daily to take care of the felines on campus. “The cats have been fed at the school for more than seven years. But with the birth, we have noticed that there are more and more of them, so much so that we can no longer count them.“, she continues.

So in order not to leave them alone and try to take care of them, the establishment has chosen to take action. “During the 2020/2021 school year, we ran a bit of an ongoing sterilization campaign. As soon as we managed to catch one, we took it to Vet Domitia, our partner vet, who sterilized them for free.” The concern is that not all cats are docile and difficult to catch. “There are only two cats that meow when they see us, which is a sign of socialization.”

A pedagogical aspect

Every day the cats are fed in four different places in the facility. “We have created a feeding plan, explains Camille Babolat. At the weekend we use food for the next two days. And during school holidays, a designated person, depending on their availability, comes every other day!”

In addition to the animal welfare that the association advocates, the structure does not hesitate to refuse its measures to do prevention in the classes, with the students. “It is the best way to make teenagers aware that it is not normal to observe wild cats in the city. A domestic cat lives between 15 and 20 years. A wild cat, if it lives 7 years, is already huge.”

Their actions bear fruit, since “Three students are vice-president, treasurer and secretary. This affects more or less everyone. The mentality is changing, both among teenagers and agents.”

In search of donations, Chats de Jean-Moulin offers memberships at a price of €10 per person. adult and €1 per young person, inside or outside the institution. “However, external members will not be able to interfere because we are in the school environment. But donations of kibble are welcome, to be handed in at the high school hall!”




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