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BiP’s Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt to be married on TV

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The planning begins! Joe Amabile and Serena Pit tied the knot in a surprise wedding at the courthouse less than two weeks ago, but are already planning their second ceremony.

“We haven’t decided on a location yet,” Amabile, 36, told the exclusive We Weekly to Bachelor in paradise Tastemaker event in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 5. “We’re between Austin, Texas, Charleston, [South Carolina]or Nashville.

That Bachelor alum, 25, is from Canada and her husband is from Chicago, but they considered southern locations for the sake of their guests. “We just wanted it to be fun and a great destination for everyone to travel to on the weekend,” Pitt said. We.

The duo added that they currently do not plan to televise their second wedding, but may consider it if given the chance. “If somebody wants to pay us to put it on TV, let’s go,” Amabile joked. For his part, Pitt added: “ABC, if you’re listening, if you want to shake it up, we’ll talk. But for now, I think we’re just going to go ahead and keep it private.

Regardless of whether the ceremony airs in prime time, the publicist promised fans will still be able to catch a few glimpses of the big day. “We’re going to have a videographer so we’ll put the video up to share with everyone,” she said. We. “So many people have followed our story for so long. We have to share pieces of it somehow.

The newlyweds got engaged in season 7 of Bachelor in paradisewhich aired in 2021. Last month, they revealed they were making it official in a low-key ceremony at a New York City courthouse on October 27. While the wedding seemed impromptu, the duo had actually started planning the event several weeks earlier.

“It was spontaneous, but planned,” Pitt explained We. “Unfortunately, you can’t just run to the courthouse, so we said, ‘Let’s go!'” And then we looked into it, and then it was like a three-week process.

Although the couple recently put an end to speculation that they got married because they are expecting a child, they “definitely” want to expand their family in the future. “We both want kids. I feel like I was pretty open about it at first,” Pitt explained, while Amabile added that the topic of kids was “one of the first conversations” they had.

“I think after we get married, maybe we’ll start thinking about it a little more,” Pitt said. We. “But right now we’re just deep into wedding planning.”

The two have a general timeline in mind for the date — September 2023 — but they still have plenty of other decisions to make. “I haven’t even tried on a wedding dress yet,” Pitt said. “I think next month I’ll be home in Toronto, so I think we’ll go shopping with my family.”

Menu planning is also high on the to-do list, with pizza, tacos and pasta all competing as options. “We should make a pizza oven,” Amabile said We. Pitt, meanwhile, is thinking about the after-party. “We’ll definitely be making late night snacks,” she explained.

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