Bitten by a dog, a 9-year-old child was seriously injured in Baie-Mahault

An Akita Inu bit a 9-year-old boy this Saturday afternoon in a house in Baie-Mahault. The child, seriously injured, was hospitalized at the Parents-Children Center of the CHU, at the Palais Royal.

A 9-year-old boy was seriously injured in his home, bitten by a dog; his wounds are told”deep” and “wide“, by the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS).
A 40-year-old man also has minor injuries to his left hand and thumb.

The child had to be medicalized by the Service emergency and resuscitation mobile (SMUR) before being transported to the Parents-Children Center of the University Hospital Center (CHU), at Palais Royal, in Les Abymes.
The adult, meanwhile, will go to the hospital on their own

The animal is of the Japanese Akita Inu breed, yet reputed to be ffaithful, calm, or even loyal. But we do not know the circumstances of this incident, which occurred in a house on Chemin de Raiffer, in Baie-Mahault, shortly after 3:40 p.m.

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