Black cat has been desperately waiting for a family at the shelter for over 200 days (video)

Black cat has been desperately waiting for a family at the shelter for over 200 days (video)

Boston Cream Pie has watched the cats from her shelter move into their homes one by one, and she is now the longest resident. The volunteers will then rely on the magic of social networks to offer him a better destiny…

A beautiful black cat named Boston Cream Pie has just broken a very sad record: she is the oldest resident of her refuge, the Second chance pet, North Carolina (USA). This cat simply dreams of finding a family, so the volunteers wanted to lend a hand in her search for happiness, as reported Animal friendly.

And in 2022, what could be better than social networks?

On November 23, they released a video of Boston Cream Pie on their side TikTok. By filming the large empty room where she was, they hoped to attract the attention of potential adopters and find the cat a loving family in time for the Christmas holidays.


Give a shelter cat a chance this holiday season! #secondchancepetadoptionsnc #HuluChippendalesDance #BeTheReasonVisa #animalrescue #raleighnc #adoptdontshop #nonprofit

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Internet users were immediately excited: 250,000 watched this video. Many of them expressed their sadness Boston Cream Pie, and lamented that black cats are often shunned because of their appearance. Others have simply expressed their desire to adopt it – a great relief for the volunteers!

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Shortly after the video was posted, members of Second chance pet has actually received many requests for adoption. According to them, the latter should happen in the coming days. The news delighted netizens and the least we can say is that this little black cat will be just as happy!



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