Black Friday: 70% of online shoppers are ready to go broke

Despite its Anglo-Saxon origins, Black Friday has become part of the shopping habits of the French. To the point of displacing the traditional Christmas shopping to decorate the base of the tree. According to a survey by Toluna Harris Interactive, conducted online using the quota method from October 28 to November 2 with a representative sample of 1,033 people, for Fevad, the e-commerce and distance selling association, 70% of the online buyers intend to participate in this event on the Internet”. A share that climbs even more among the youngest (80%).

In times of high inflation and limited consumption, it is naturally the argument of purchasing power that motivates consumers to shop on Black Friday. “Promotions and great deals are the main motivation for participation for 55%,” explains Nadine Porge, vice president of services and marketing at Harris Interactive. It should be noted that the increase in the cost of energy (especially for fuel) prompts 4% of the respondents to indicate that they would prefer distance shopping to avoid consuming gasoline.

Conversely, purchasing power problems are also the reason for non-participation in Black Friday for the most modest. The fight against overconsumption comes much later. Among the 30% who will not participate in promotional events, more than a third (37%) want to save money, especially the youngest (58%) and those in low-income occupations (40%).

A Christmas budget around 400 euros… with big differences

The survey also reviews the budget that respondents intend to spend on Christmas parties (gifts, food but not transport). It will be 404 euros on average. But this sum “hides a great diversity of behavior, warns Nadine Porge. For a quarter of the French, this average budget is less than or equal to 100 euros. And for a third it will be greater than or equal to 400 euros. The institute specifies , that online purchases will represent half (199 euros) of the amount paid for the year-end parties.

In this context of tensions about purchasing power, “the seconds hand offers itself under the tree”, observes Nadine Porge. How ? Almost one in two respondents (49%) say they are exploring the possibility of giving refurbished gifts. And more importantly, a third of the French say they are ready to receive a used gift instead of a new one.

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