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Bram. Ready for a normal Christmas weekend…

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After two fragile years, many are preparing for a normal Christmas 2022, when the ninth wave of the pandemic seems to be abating and the weather forecast is very good.

This weekend is an unusual weekend as Sunday is also Christmas. Christmas, an important day for Christians who celebrate the birth of the founder of their religion, but also and above all a family celebration with the opportunity for many of us to meet and experience a moment of sharing. And of course, for the children, the visit of Santa Claus with the gifts he will put at the foot of the fireplace or the Christmas tree. As every year, in Bram, as elsewhere, it is a break for many businesses, except of course the shops or wellness salons, shops and food artisans who, on the contrary, fight for us. On the association life side, it has almost stopped since last week, except for charities such as Restos du Cœur and Secours Catholique, which are mobilizing in the shadows to support the most disadvantaged.

Chocolate and food

In addition, the elected representatives of Bram Municipality and the young municipal council members (CMJ) wanted to carry out a new charity and solidarity action last Saturday in favor of families in need. Just before the Christmas parade, the young elected leaders of Restos du Cœur and Secours Catholique gave boxes of chocolates and carousel tickets to the attention of their recipients, and the mayor, on behalf of the municipality, donated to the two organizations the excess order of the year-end meal recently offered to the city’s seniors , worth more than €300 worth of goods. Each of the leaders of the associations did not hide their feelings and warmly thanked the donors: “This will allow us to finalize the contents of the package in the next two weeks, which we will distribute on Thursday and Friday (Ed. note: the day before in yesterday and yesterday)”, two of the leaders testified in unison on behalf of the volunteers.



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