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Brussels: a mother and her 4-year-old son attacked by a pit bull, “the dog began to devour our son”

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Lhe affair shakes the municipality of Koekelberg, in the Brussels Region. A lady and her 4-year-old son were violently attacked by their neighbor’s pit bull, reports RTL.

In the middle of the afternoon, while little Ryad was preparing to go to his karate lesson, he and his mother were attacked on leaving their apartment. “The dog ran at them. My wife tried to block it with the door, but they couldn’t do anything,” says Ryad’s father.

“The dog came into the apartment and started eating our son. My wife pushed him away, but he came back to the charge by attacking Ryad’s legs, his stomach and his hands, ”he explains, showing the medical certificate attesting to his son’s injuries.

“My wife finally managed to get out of the building holding our son, still under the fangs of the pit bull. She started screaming. Everyone watched the scene without being able to intervene. The dog looked mad, ”he testified on RTL.

Ryad, who now moves in a wheelchair, gets away with eight stitches. “Seeing your four-year-old son in this state is the worst feeling. »




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