Builder. Gashora’s friends ready to leave for Rwanda

About eight days will be necessary for the four members of the association with Andrée Morlet as chairman to meet their contacts on site, distribute aids and buy handicrafts.

“Our association, created in 1987, helped various structures, first in Gashora itself until the genocide, then in other municipalities, specifies Pascale Treihlou. Today and for several years she has helped a maternity hospital run by Catholic nuns in Gigohwe on the outskirts of the capital. Gashora’s friends provide layette for women who come to give birth and who have nothing to dress the babies in. »

Godelive, a long-time friend, has developed a sewing school

“Godelive is a Rwandan who came to train in Mâcon as a nurse about thirty years ago, and whom we welcomed and supported,” continues Andrée Morlet. When she returned to Rwanda, she also taught, accompanied by the women who were alone after the events. Today, she has developed a sewing school for very young girls, who can also study there. The association provides sewing machines and supplies, as well as operating resources.

A great craft purchase

The association’s members will also fill the suitcases once there. “Today you can find everything in Kigali, explains Pascale Treilhou. It is a city similar to European cities, with exemplary cleanliness, highly guarded (watch out for anyone who throws a piece of paper on the ground!) and has been using zero waste since 2008.” The UN has declared it the cleanest city in Africa. But the difference between city and country remains very marked, wealth remains very urban.

In order to finance all its actions, the association buys locally, at the right price, many handicraft items, which it resells in France. The next sale is scheduled for Humanitarian Week. Travel and accommodation expenses are fully borne by the participants.

PRACTICAL Humanitarian Week will take place at Espace Carnot Montrevel from November 25 to 27 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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