Business advice through a positive vision of social law: the vocation of the law firm Pierre Chicha

Maître Chicha not only defends, he warns, trains and helps his clients to avoid any form of litigation. A meeting that mixes labor law, social, and finally common sense through a positive vision of social law which aims: the progress of companies.

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Business advice through a positive vision of social law: the vocation of the law firm Pierre Chicha
Business advice through a positive vision of social law: the vocation of the law firm Pierre Chicha

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Labor law at the service of business support

FAfter his atypical career, Maître Pierre Chicha, who had initially completed a preparatory class and then a business school, chose to study law, with a social mention, as part of a diploma in Business Consulting. After a few years spent in prestigious Anglo-Saxon houses such as Eversheds and Simmons & Simmons, he settled down to follow his vocation and give a positive dimension, through advice, to labor and social law.

The Pierre Chicha law firm, founded in 2005, practices mainly in the field of labor law, supporting and advising numerous companies of all sizes and from all business sectors.

In close collaboration with all the branches of the supported structures, Maître Chicha, his collaborator and their assistant, assist companies with the legal aspects of the management of their human resources. They draw up all the documents from the hiring of the employee to the termination of the employment contract, including the issues of execution (working time, disciplinary law, etc.). They define, in agreement with the customers, the strategies to meet the needs and in particular to promote recruitment and train the teams on site.

Between omnipresence and versatility, the firm supports all kinds of companies and certain employees

To establish a relationship of trust and proximity with their clients, the firm Pierre Chicha makes it a point of honor to offer support at all times in the promise of

responsiveness that he considers essential. Systematically in pairs with his collaborator Christel Jemine, they share their views on the cases and are able to provide an almost immediate response to emergencies. A teamwork that allows them to be always available in this privileged support offered to companies that call on them. The Cabinet is able to help all forms of structures. Whether it’s Associations, small or medium-sized companies or large international groups, Master Chicha will have the answer and the expertise adapted to each one. Thus, the firm intervenes both in advice and in litigation, in the associative environment, for companies in the field of building and public works, service providers or even the luxury trade.

How does this popular support work?

Maître Chicha’s office encounters a colossal demand which does not allow it to respond favorably to everyone. A craze that continues to grow for an area of ​​expertise in law, substantive work, and advice that echoes many structures in need.

For good reason, it intervenes on a basic strategy, from individual to collective relations. For the collective, it also sets up collective negotiations which allow companies to organize themselves differently in order to readjust the terms of the agreements so that they best suit their needs. Advice and expertise take on their full meaning, and all forms through the comprehensive support services offered by the Pierre Chicha law firm. In the same way, Maître Chicha will also be called upon to intervene in the training of managers and everything that may relate to the prevention of burn-out for example, or what harassment at work entails. The Pierre Chicha law firm then becomes the most complete ally in the development and development of companies and their employees.

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