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Business with 200 billion fictitious loans: BMS in the footsteps of the late BHM-sa

Large fictitious bank loans, governance at the service of the privileged in the Republic… The Malian Solidarity Bank (BMS-sa) appears to be a financial tool under the orders of those in power.

According to our information, which has become an open secret in Bamako, the matter of 200 billion FCFA in fictitious loans granted to a young businessman named Mr. Lah from Malian Solidarity Bank (BMS-sa) .

The hare had been raised by a BCEAO report last October, which accused three banks in the WAEMU area, including one in Mali, of being the cause of money laundering. The outstanding economist, one of the greatest financial geniuses of his generation in West Africa, Modibo Mao Makalou, returned to this in an interview given to the bi-weekly Mali Tribune. He said the bank in question has been sanctioned and should pay about 300 million FCFA as a fine to the BCEAO.

Visibly orchestrated under the leadership of the former CEO, Alioune Coulibaly, a brother of Seydou Mamadou Coulibaly, the wealthy businessman and president of the Benkan Citizen Pact movement, this affair splashes and recalls the sad history of the defunct ​ , including the one who would be the cause of this incredible affair of fictitious loans, Alioune Coulibaly, was also a key director at the Banque de l’Habitat du Mali ( at the time of his descent into hell. i pap Diago According to confidential information, Mr Lah was considered the closest client of DG Alioune Coulibaly. “Sir. Lah could come to and stay in the boss’s office for up to 4 hours or more.

When he left, the guards were happy to be rewarded with his largesse. He transported the money in Diago cardboard boxes,’ reports a well-placed source. It should be recalled that BHM’s financial situation in 2006 showed that the defaulted credits amounted to 67.4 billion FCFA, including 64.8 billion FCFA in the disputed credit register.

This means that BHM contaminated during Alioune Coulibaly’s reign. The latter is fighting, it seems, to get the payment of 200 billion in fictitious credits from a businessman. But the situation remains complicated, especially as the loan would have been made on “no normal basis”, given its fictitious nature. Lanfia Koita, successor to Alioune Coulibaly, who was fired in the November 2021 transfer, is trying with all his might to raise the bar. It has come back to us that he has already made big moves. The two DGAs are dismissed, other central managers are also concerned.

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Source: The New Courier



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