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but who will actually complete the joint report?

A broken faucet, a badly attached seal, a hole in the roof, the water from the washing machine that has overflowed… The causes of water damage are many, and what an inconvenience it is to suffer from one at home! Especially since they are not always our fault, but can be caused by natural disasters. Insurance exists, so who pays and how do you get reimbursed? Who is liable in case of rental? Current Woman answers all your questions about responding well in case of water damage and notifying your insurance company!

As a tenant, you are obliged to take out water damage cover. It covers damage to homes caused by water, but each policy is different and does not cover the same risks. It is therefore advisable to check in your contract what is covered in the event of water damage. In the event of damage, you must notify your insurance company, the owner and, in the case of co-ownership, the curator by sending them the full damage report.

Water damage insurance is included in multi-risk home insurance and is not mandatory for owners. In general, it covers damage resulting from leaks, overflows or burst pipes. In the event of damage, you have 5 days to report to your insurance company or the broker who administers your contract. If you are an owner in a (…)

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