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Cahors: the puppy show is this weekend

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At the weekend, there is space for a puppy show in the exhibition center in Cahors. Fifteen breeders will be present with approximately 250 puppies. Some kittens will also point the tip of their nose.

This is something to please lovers of our little four-legged animals. At the weekend, there is space for a puppy show in the exhibition center in Cahors. “It’s very nice. We didn’t want to do anything too big. A good show is a show where everyone is happy”, laughs the organizer. Small doggies, but also kittens will show their little faces.

250 puppies, about twenty kittens

In total, about fifteen breeders will be present for two days. “Professionals, it is important to specify. They are passionate about what they do. They all come from the area: Cahors, Carcassone, Bordeaux…”, states the person behind this event. 250 puppies will be present. Golden Retriever, French Bulldog, Cavalier, Australian Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Siberian Husky, York, Jack Russell, Border Collie, Labrador… Either breed that “sells”. In addition, some darlings are spotted over the exhibits: “they are mainly small dogs. Spitz, Chihuahua and Bichons are breeds that really please”, the organizer continues. These correspond to a different lifestyle and, above all, less sedentary because they are easier to transport (whether by car or by public transport). Twenty kittens will also be present.

The puppy salon is primarily aimed at families. “Either they want to buy a dog, or they want to do it,” says the company behind the exhibition. It is possible to seek advice from breeders. Especially on the breed that can fit the family, because everyone has their specificity.

A very controlled event

The puppy show is a very controlled event. A veterinarian authorized by the Department of Veterinary Services will check the health and origin of the animals (no imports or from trade within the exhibition). He will be present on Friday during the installation of the puppies.

“We hope to receive 500 people on Saturday and as many on Sunday. Few dogs will be sold because of the reflection period. But for breeders it is also a way to raise awareness and attract future people to their homes.” , confides the organizer of the show.

Complete the certificate 7 days before purchase

Since October 1, 2022, there has been a law that aims to combat animal cruelty and strengthen the bond between animals and humans. The latter requires that every buyer of a dog or cat has completed and signed a certificate of commitment at least 7 days before purchasing the animal. This was done to limit the dropout afterwards.

Because the Christmas period is sometimes a dark time for our animals, the beasts. Giving a puppy for the holidays is not necessarily a good idea. There is a greater risk of an animal given as a gift ending up in a shelter the following summer. The organizer of the puppy show in Cahors is reassuring: “Here it is not impulse, but well-thought-out actions. I am a breeder myself and recently I sold a puppy for Christmas to a lady. Her children have wanted a dog for two or three years. She spotted the animal a long time ago, it was a well-considered decision, it touched me”.

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 December at 10.00-19.00. Prices: adult: €6.50 – child: €3.00. Animations and refreshments. Visitors’ dogs are not allowed inside the exhibition.

A few tips for choosing the right animal

Adopting or buying an animal is not an easy decision. Here are some questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge. What budget do you have to pay for your doggy (vet fees, food, grooming, accessories…)? What commitment does this represent? Depending on the age or breed of the animal, its lifespan is not the same. Is the whole family involved and available? You have to be present for the animal (look after it, go out, play, etc.), but also be sure that the whole family agrees (and make sure in advance who will occupy). What type of childcare for the holidays? And finally, which breed is best for the family? Because not all dogs are well suited to living in an apartment or living outside.



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