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Call for opinions Rising energy prices, repayment of Covid loans… Have you been forced to close your business? Tell us

Business insolvency is again on the rise in France in 2022, affecting especially very small businesses in connection with consumers. If you were to close your business, franceinfo is interested in your testimony.

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The number of bankruptcies is increasing in France in 2022. Almost 9,000 business failures were registered in the summer of 2022, franceinfo revealed on Tuesday, October 11. A number increased by 65% ​​compared to the summer of 2021. In particular, restaurants, convenience stores and hair salons are the businesses most affected by these errors, which mainly concern very small businesses.

Rising energy prices, starting to repay loans taken out during Covid-19, building up debt… Why did you have to close your business? What were the difficulties you encountered? How have your bills skyrocketed? Tell us the reasons why you closed the door. Don’t forget to leave your contact details so that a journalist can possibly contact you in connection with a report. They will of course remain confidential.



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