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Can we change the health insurance at any time?

It has not always been easy to change health insurance. How many policyholders have missed the date of sending their registered mail to the insurance company and had to wait another year. To forget again the following year! The supplementary health insurance was then tacitly renewed.

Before the law of 14. July 2019 on the right to terminate supplementary health insurance contracts free of charge and Decree No. 2020-1438 of 24 November 2020, it was necessary to plan at least two months before the end of your contract insurer. Since December 1, 2020, policyholders feel less on board against their will if they want to change complementary for financial reasons or if they have found guarantees that better suit their needs.

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Can I change mutual during the year?

Do you want to change mutual insurance to choose a different formula than a competitor? If your current contract was concluded at least one year ago (don’t take into account the effective date of the guarantees, but the date of the subscription), you can cancel it during the year whenever you want. And without costs or fines. And this, regardless of whether it is an individual or collective contract. This is called infra-annual termination.

Contracts entitled to this type of termination are contracts whose entry point is supplementary health insurance: check whether there are other additional guarantees to ensure that the law is applied or not. If your contract is not yet a year old and you want to take out another mutual insurance company, you have to be patient. The good news is that you don’t have a specific date to meet once the year is over.

This possibility of change may allow you to find mutual insurance for your family, for example, or to choose a contract that better suits your current needs.

How do I switch from one mutual to another?

The law entitles you to change mutual insurance without notice if you have exceeded the one-year subscription period. You can then take the step yourself, but it is recommended that you contact your new insurance company, who will take care of the cancellation formalities. Then state the name of the previous insurer, the number of the old contract as well as your name, date of birth and address. In this case, there will be no interruption of coverage, even if the termination takes effect one month after receiving the notice.

Your old mutual will send a notice of termination or termination and inform it of the effective date.” Can we switch mutuals, you ask? The answer is yes, but in the case of compulsory mutual insurance, only the employer can terminate the contract.

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What is the law for switching health insurance?

The Hamon law had introduced infra-annual termination for car and home insurance contracts in January 2015. The law of 14. July 2019 regarding the right to free termination for supplementary health contracts and Decree No. 2020-1438 of November 24, 2020 completed this progress for policyholders.

These are contracts covering medical expenses and those covering medical expenses as well as other guarantees specified in the decree (risk of death, incapacity, invalidity, guarantees of assistance, legal protection, civil liability, marital birth or compensation in case of hospitalization) . If the contract provides a different guarantee than the above, the right to free termination is not possible. By changing mutual insurance with a comparison, you can save an average of 40% on the price!



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